How to Run Android Apps for PC using Bluestacks

Android operating system has become one of the fastest growing Mobile OS in the world. It has managed to take up more than one billion active users from around the globe and the number is still increasing. There is definitely something totally different and outstanding about this operating system that it has created such hype in not just one but all parts of the world. With every passing second more and more improvements and innovations are being brought into the android operating system in order to ensure a hassle free and an easy way of life for all the users of android smart phones. People have now become quite habitual of using the wonderful applications which make their life easy and comfortable. The applications provided to the android smart phone users include from health and fitness to grocery shopping. It even includes entertainment applications like music and video apps and business and work oriented applications. It is because of all such reasons that it has now become almost impossible for the users of android systems to live without it. In order to make life interesting for all the users of PC it is important to get Apps for PC idea and technology incorporated into the classical systems or personal computers with the renowned Windows and MAC based host operating systems.

Bluestacks is an American based technology oriented company which has been successful in the production of the Bluestacks program. Bluestacks is a player which has been designed in order to make it easier for all the android applications to run smoothly on the personal Windows PC Computers or the very popular Macintosh computers. It is basically an application player which has picked a number of votes from its users around the world. The Bluestacks app player will let you enjoy the features of all the android smart phones on your desktop or your personal computer. But however it is also true that the experience of android smart phones is way too different from the experience of the Bluestacks app player on the personal computers. The purpose of designing this app player is to let the users of personal computers and desktops enjoy the millions of game applications and other useful applications on their systems. So if you are interested in playing Clash of the Clans or Soda Crush on your PC than all you have to do is to make use of this wonderful innovation. In order to have full advantage of the Bluestacks app player the user needs to get it downloaded on the pc and ensure its safe use.

In this article, you will come across A comprehensive guide as How to Run Android Apps for PC using Bluestacks regardless of the operating system installed on it i.e. Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 PC or a Mac OS. This guide will work for most of the Windows-based operating systems out there such as Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP and all the MAC OS powered Macbook or iMac power stations. The basic idea behind Bluestacks is to emulate Android smart phone or tablet like environment on top of the base OS. As per our experience, these emulators have evolved and their developers have put an exceptional efforts to make the emulator efficient and smooth. After its installation, a user is able to play most of the Android games available on the Google Play store on PC such as Candy Crush Soda for PC, Farm Heroes Saga for PC, Subway Surfers for PC. So if you want to experience Android on PC, go ahead, follow our comprehensive step by step guide and install Bluestacks App Player.
Bluestacks App Player

BlueStacks App Player Installation

  1. At first, download the Bluestacks installer file from the links given. Installer files for both the Windows & MAC OS have been mentioned so download accordingly. Bluestacks Windows Installer | Bluestacks MAC OS Installer
  2. After the file has been downloaded, double click the installer and let it extract the required file.Bluestacks Installer Extracting
  3. Welcome to Bluestacks Screen will pop-up. Click Continue to move forward.Installing Bluestacks Continue
  4. Select the location where you want to install Bluestacks and click Next.Bluestacks Installer Select Location
  5. On the next screen, Keep both the options checked as shown.Bluestacks Installer Apps Store Access
  6. Let Bluestacks Installer install all the required files on PC.Bluestacks Installer Progress Bar
  7. After it is finished installing Bluestacks on PC, it will automatically open Bluestacks and start initializing the program.Bluestacks Initializing
  8. After it is done initialzing, user will come across main screen with a promt “Loading Channels”.Bluestacks Loading Channels


Bluestacks One time Setup

To best utilize the Bluestacks App Player, user must Enable AppStore, Setup Bluestacks Account and Enable App Sync. After it has successfully initialized the Bluestacks, it will automatically prompt the user for One Time Setup.

  1. At first, to Enable AppStore,  you must either have a functional Google ID or you can create a new one. In this tutorial, we will be creating new Google ID so that users who haven’t yet made a Google ID can benefit from it. To proceed click Continue.Bluestacks One Time Setup
  2. At the next screen, user will get an option to either create a new Google account or use an existing one. Select appropriate option and it will take you the required window.Bluestacks Add A Google Account
  3. For creation of new Google Account, enter First and Last name and press the tilted triangle button to proceed forward.Bluestacks Create Google Account 1
  4. Choose a Google Account ID that will be a unique identifier in Google world.
  5. Create a strong password for your Google Account.Bluestacks Create Google Account Password
  6. You can choose to have Google Password recovery options right away or you can do it later.Bluestacks Create Google Account Recovery Options
  7. Click on I accept option to complete Google Account creation. Kindly note that this ID will be used for Bluestacks to Google Association, enabling the Google PlayStore functionality on it. Do remmember the Google ID and Password that has been used.Bluestacks Google Account Creation
  8. Now that you are done enabling App Store on Bluestacks, Proceed to Setup Bluestacks Account. Click Continue to get on screen options.Bluestacks Setup Bluestacks Account
  9. At the next window, you will be able to see Google account that you just created. Select that ID and Click OK.Bluestacks Setup Account
  10. Bluestacks will now try to login using the Gmail credentials already stored in the program.Bluestacks Setup Account Logging in
  11. If you see, Account added successfully prompt, you have successfully Setup Bluestacks account.Bluestacks Enable App Sync
  12. Now proceed with Enabling of App Sync. To do so, click Continue.
  13. If you see Enable App Sync at the top of windows and Google ID, that you have just created, you are in the right window. Click Next and enter the password.Bluestacks Enable App Sync Google Login
  14. Let Bluestacks Log on and Enable App Sync.
  15. If you see all the options ticked as shown in below, you have successfully completed Bluestacks One Time Setup.Bluestacks One Time Setup Complete

Install Android Apps on a PC using Bluestacks Google PlayStore

Bluestacks is of no use if you haven’t installed any Android game on to it. The easiest way to install any Android App on PC is to navigate to App Store, search for relevant App and Install.

  1. To do so, Click the home button. You will be able to locate it on the bottom left corner.
  2. Doing so, a home screen will pop up. At the left upper corner, you will find Search button. Click it.Bluestacks Main Menu
  3. To better guide you through the tutorial, we will be installing Brain Dots for PC.
  4. Write Brain dots in the next windows and press enter.Bluestacks Search Bar
  5. Click the Brain Dots Icons and click Install.Bluestacks Brain Dots Install
  6. You will see that the game has started downloading.Bluestacks Brain Dots Downloading
  7. Once downloaded, it will install the game on Bluestacks.
  8. Click Open to play Brain Dots on PC.Bluestacks Brain Dots Play Game
  9. Use your mouse to draw lines whilst playing Brain Dots.
    Bluestacks Brain Dots Gameplay

Install Android Apps for PC Bluestacks using APK files

Another unorthodox way of installing an Android App for PC  is by the use of APK files. APK files are available all over internet and using those one can easily install any version of the application. Sometimes it is useful for installing games that cannot be downloaded in a specific region.

  1. To do so, either search for relevant Android application APK on APKBEAST.Candy Crush Soda APK Search Apkbeast
  2. Download the relevant file from the host website. In this demo, we will be downloading Candy Crush Soda for PC.Candy Crush Soda APK Apkbeast
  3. Click the Download button as shown below.Candy Crush Soda APK Download
  4. Navigate to this link, download the file and either double-click or right click the file. Open it using the Bluestacks App Player.Candy Crush Soda APK Install Bluestacks
  5. It will automatically install Candy Crush Soda on Bluestacks.Candy Crush Soda Installing APK Bluestacks
  6. Navigate to All Apps window on Bluestacks. It is visible on the right top corner as shown below.Bluestacks All Apps
  7. Click the installed APK. In our case, it is Candy Crush Soda.Candy Crush Soda for PC Bluestacks
  8. Enjoy Candy Crush Soda for PC.Candy Crush Soda for PC Gameplay


That would be all from my side. In case you have got any queries or you have any issue following the guide, do let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page, Google Plus Profile & Twitter Account. Cheers !


IT Specialist | Digital Graphic Designer | Tech Enthusiast | Business Student –

IT Specialist | Digital Graphic Designer | Tech Enthusiast | Business Student -

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