Install & Play Android Apps for PC via Bluestacks 2

Bluestacks 2, as it’s predecessor is known to give Android like experience on Windows and MAC based operating systems. The software has more than one hundred million users and the number is still increasing with every passing day. With its evolution in the year 2011 the users of have been provided an ultimate and long lasting experience of enjoying android applications on the bigger screens of PC and laptops.

The major difference between it’s predecessor Bluestacks and Bluestacks 2 is that it lets the users enjoy multiple android applications on PC simultaneously which in technical words is multitasking. It is one of the greatest additions with the new tabs is that Bluestacks lets its users to open several applications in one tab. In this way many applications can be opened up and enjoyed side by side which was previously not possible with Bluestacks or any available emulator. Using this feature users can enjoy many social application whilst playing games. Bluestacks 2 App Player has been successful in emerging excessive game play and the discovery of applications. In this advanced version of Bluestacks when a user clicks on an advertisement a new tab pops up and makes it possible for the user to play the new game without being interrupted. It carries certain latest enhancements that no other PC emulator is capable of providing.

Install & Play Android Apps for PC via Bluestacks 2

Ease of use is one thing that has been taken care of in the new version of Bluestacks. The users can use this app player with more convenience and even more understanding. There is a wide and a completely new toolbar on the left side of the screen that has a large number of features. These features in Bluestacks 2 toolbar lets the users completely shake the screen of your android emulator. The app player also lets the users take screenshots and find locations on the map. Features like Change App Size, Shake the Screen, Copy, Paste are also really helpful for it’s users. It has a lot more to offer then just an ordinary wide screen experience to begin with. It has a completely new UI which makes it totally different from the original Bluestacks version.

Bluestacks 2 Toolbar Features

The features incorporated into Bluestacks 2 has managed to give it a competitive advantage over many other emulators available in the market. People are open to not just one but many choices when it comes to an Android PC Emulator but they decided on choosing Bluestacks2 among all the options provided to them. The app player runs plenty of different applications simultaneously on the personal computer making it even more entertaining than before. The feature of running multiple applications at the same time is nothing new for android smart phones but this particular capability is lacking in all other personal computer emulators.

To facilitate our users, I have incorporated an extensive Guide as how to Install & Play Android Apps for PC via Bluestacks 2. It is applicable on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows XP. After the installation of Bluestacks 2 App Player we will also elaborate as how to Integrate Google, Bluestacks Account & App Sync AccountPlay Android Apps for PC by downloading APKs. You will also be able to see as how we have managed to Install & Play Clash of Kings for PC and Clash Royale for PC. Now lets proceed to the section where you will learn to Install Bluestacks 2 App Player for PC.

Download & Install Bluestacks 2 App Player on Windows PC

  1. In order to install Bluestacks 2, open in the web-browser or use Bluestacks 2 Download link.Bluestacks 2 Webpage
  2. Once downloaded, navigate to the folder where file has been downloaded and open “Bluestacks 2 Native executable” file.Bluestacks 2 Native File
  3. Installer will start extracting the files required for installation.Bluestacks 2 Extracting
  4. After the installer is ready, a window will pop up with “Welcome to Bluestacks” message. Click Next to proceed.Bluestacks 2 Installer
  5. In the next window, keep both the App Store Access & Application Communications check box checked and click Install.Bluestacks 2 App Store Access
  6. You will notice Bluestacks 2 being installed in four automated steps. When installed, keep the option checked and click Finish.Installing Bluestacks 2
  7. Wait for it to initialize. If you are able to see Bluestacks 2 Welcome Screen, you have successfully installed.Bluestacks 2 Welcome Screen
  8. Click the Android Tab from the navigation bar. To proceed further, either try Bluestacks 2 recommended applications or pay 2$ per month for an year to enjoy using this emulator. Either way you will end up having access to App Player.

Continue Using Bluestacks 2

Integrate Google, Bluestacks & App Sync Account on Bluestacks 2

Google Account association with any Android OS is necessary. It is used to access the all essential Google Play Store which is home to millions of Android Apps which will be used later to Install & Play Android Apps for PC via Bluestacks 2.

  1. To do so, navigate to Settings via Android Tab or clicking the Gear Icon on the top right corner.Bluestacks 2 Settings
  2. On settings tab, click Add Account & choose Google.Bluestacks 2 Add Account
  3. On the next window, it will ask you either to use an existing Google Account or make a new one. In this demo, we have used an existing account. Either way, the method is quite simple and self explanatory.Bluestacks 2 Add Google Account
  4. If you can see “Enable AppStore” checked on One time setup Screen, you have successfully integrated Google Account with Bluestacks 2.Bluestacks 2 Enable AppStore
  5. Next, you have to associate it with Bluestacks Account. To do so, click Continue.
  6. At this step, you can either use any other account for Bluestacks account association or you can use the currently intergrated Google account. Choose the one that suites to your requirement.Bluestacks 2 Account Google Integrate
  7. If “Setup Bluestacks Account” has turned light blue and it’s checked, you can proceed with App Sync.Bluestacks 2 Account Integrate Complete
  8. App Sync feature lets user synchronize the games being played on PC as well as the Android smart phone or tablet. After proceeding to the next  screen, it will prompt you for recently added Google account credentials for Sign in.Bluestacks 2 Enable App SYnc 1
  9. If you see all three options checked as shown in the snapshot, you have successfully integrated Google AppStore, Bluestacks Account and enabled App Sync.

Install & Play Android Apps for PC via Bluestacks 2

The ultimate objective of installing Bluestacks 2 is to be able to play Android games and use it’s Applications for PC. In this section, we will guide you as how to Install & Play Android Apps for PC via Bluestacks 2.

  1. Make sure that Bluestacks 2 is running and you have complete all the previously mentioned steps successfully.
  2. At the Android tab, click Search.Bluestacks 2 Play Store Search Icon
  3. At the Search Apps bar, enter the name of the App you wish to run on your PC.
  4. In this guide, we will be installing. After entering the name of the application, either press enter or click Search.Bluestacks 2 Clash of Kings Search
  5. Bluestacks 2 will guide you to a page where all the closest matched Apps will be shown.Clash of Kings for PC Play Store
  6. Click the required App and it will navigate you to the relevant App Page. Click “Install” for the download to start.Clash of Kings for PC Install Bluestacks 2
  7. Once the App is downloaded, click “Open” to start the Application.Clash of Kings for PC Open Bluestacks 2
  8. In this guide, we installed Clash of Kings using Bluestacks 2 App Player.  From the snapshot below, you can clearly see that we have successfully launched Clash of Kings for PC.Clash of Kings for PC Game Play Bluestacks 2

Play Android Apps for PC via Bluestacks 2 by downloading APKs

Another rather unconventional way of playing Android Apps for PC is by downloading it’s relevant APK and installing it on PC via Bluestacks 2. In this section of the guide, we will demonstrate it.

  1. Open either APKPURE or APKBEAST webpage. These are App Store repositories which will let you download Apps of your choice. You might wish to install some earlier version of the App, which is not possible via Google Play Store.
  2. Once on the home page, search for the required App. In this section, we will search for Clash Royale for PC.APKPURE Clash Royale for PC Search
  3. These repositories, upon search, will show the closest searched name Apps available on it. Click the required tab and proceed to the next page.APKPURE Clash Royale for PC
  4. Click Download APK and wait till it completes.APKPURE Clash Royale for PC Download
  5. Navigate to folder in your PC where this APK has been downloaded.
  6. Right click the APK and click Open with Bluestacks APK Installer | Bluestacks Apk Handler. Bluestacks 2 Clash Royale for PC APK Install
  7. A small window will pop up with the message that Bluestacks 2 is Installing APK. BLuestacks 2 Installing APK
  8. Once done, open Bluestacks 2 and click All Apps located at the upper right corner. Bluestacks 2 All Apps
  9. Click the recently install APK to open it.Bluestacks 2 Clash Royale for PC
  10. As mentioned earlier that we will be installing Clash Royale APK, you can clearly see below that we can Play Android Apps for PC using downloaded APKs.Bluestacks 2 Clash Royale for PC Game Play

That would be all from my side. In case you have got any queries or you have any issue following the guide, do let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page, Google Plus Profile & Twitter Account. Cheers !

IT Specialist | Digital Graphic Designer | Tech Enthusiast | Business Student –

IT Specialist | Digital Graphic Designer | Tech Enthusiast | Business Student -

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