How to Play Apps for PC on Windows & MAC using Andy OS

Andy OS is an android emulator which lets you enjoy your android smart phone applications on your Desktop PC either it be a Windows or MAC based. Andy OS runs the game applications in a Sandbox which is built by android. It is basically a fully fledged operating system of the mobile phones which is capable of running on any Windows PC or MAC OS. In a nutshell, Andy OS makes sure to break down the barrier between the PC computing and the mobile phone gaming. It keeps the users upgraded with the latest features of the Android OS. There are many useful features of Andy OS like the provision of surplus storage capacity to its users, the compatibility of the PC and the free access to run and use the popular android applications on the it. With this particular facility you can easily receive an update on your social networking software and view it on the desktop computer at home. Andy OS synchronizes to the Google play account by the use of cloud. In this way the users are able to maintain and secure their application history on their mobile phones and on their PC’s as well. Below are the sets of features mentioned on their website that Andy OS boasts.

Price Free
Full Android UI
Windows 7,8
Google Play Store
App Sync to Mobile
Phone as Controller
Android access to local File System
Multi-Touch support
Cloud Save in Android
X86 native apps
ARM support
Sensors Integration
OpenGL Hardware support
Camera Integration
Microphone Integration
Xbox/PS controllers support
Run Apps from Desktop
Desktop Push Notifications
Developers Support Paid – Requires an Enterprise license
Keyboard Mapper

For people who are new to the concepts of operating systems like Andy OS often face difficulties in getting started with Andy OS but it is not really difficult to operate. Andy OS as it can be considered as the computer version of your smart phones. It’s developers have done a great job preparing Andy OS to cut down the complexities of the system and has made things much simpler with it. You can always a go through our comprehensive guide to get to know as how to play Android Apps on PC and to obtain the knowledge of its extraordinary features. Amazing thing about such emulators is that users have freedom of installing it on most of the frequently used Operating systems out there such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and MAC based OS. It doesn’t matter whether the user has a Desktop PC or a Laptop as far as the minimum requirements are met. As per the hardware section of Andy Webpage, host system must have virtualization capable Processor (Usually most of the modern processors support), 3 GB of Memory amongst which 1 Gig will be utilized by Andy OS & around 10 GB of hard disk space. This emulator is also known to support Ubuntu 14 + installation so if you are a Linux-based OS fan, this emulator might just do the trick for you. I was able to play Candy Crush Soda for PC, Smash Hit for PC, Clash of Clans for PC using this emulator and as per my opinion it is amongst the front running emulator to give you Android on PC like experience.

Play Apps for PC on Windows & MAC

How to Install Andy OS on Windows PC & MAC OS

As stated earlier, after reading this guide you will be able to Play Apps for PC on Windows & MAC using Andy OS. Our method has been tested and verified to be compatible with Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 PC or MAC OS.

  1. To download the software either for Windows PC or MAC based operating system, Visit Andyroid Homepage and Navigate to Download page / link or download using the link mentioned. Note that Installer will automatically detect the host OS being a Windows or MAC based | Andy OS for PC Download LinkAndy OS Homepage
  2. After your PC is done downloading the required file, open it.
  3. Let Andy OS installer Extract the files required for Installation.Andy OS Extracting
  4. Andy OS Installer will start as shown in the screenshot. Let it install all the required files on PC.Andy OS Installation
  5. After installation is complete, open Andy OS and let it initialize.Initializing Andy
  6. You have successfully launched Andy OS application on Windows / MAC if you see Andy Menu.Andy OS Menu
  7. It’s always useful to integrate Android based Operating Systems with Google Account. To do so, locate Play Store Icon from the Menu and click it.Andy OS Play Store
  8. Screen will pop up giving you option either to create a new Google account or use an existing one. Choose as appropriate.
  9. In this guide, we will be using already existing Gmail account. To do so, enter the Google ID credentials.Andy OS Gmail Account Sign in
  10. You will be able to see Android application in the Play Store once you have successfully logged in.Andy OS Google Play Store
  11. Congratulations, You have successfully installed Andy OS on PC and integrated Google Account with it. To be able to play Android Apps for PC navigate to the next section and get to know as how to install Android Apps for PC using the Google Store you just configured.

Download & Play Android Apps for PC using Andy OS Google Play Store

  1. Click the Google Play Store Icon and navigate to the search bar located at the top.Andy OS Play Store
  2. Enter name of the game you wish to play on PC. In this guide, we will be downloading Smash Hit for PC.Andy OS Play Store Smash Hit Search
  3. Once you have located the desired game, click its thumbnail to navigate to next window.Andy OS Smash Hit Thumbnail
  4. Click Install as shown in the snapshot.Andy OS Smash Hit Install
  5. Let the game download on Andy OS. In the mean while you can use your PC or Andy OS by clicking the home button located at the center bottom of window.Andy OS Smash Hit Download
  6. Andy OS will tell you once the game has been downloaded. Play Apps for PC Smash Hit Andy
  7. Locate the game from the Andy OS menu. Open it and enjoyPlay Smash Hit for PC using Andy OS

Install Android Apps on Andy OS using APK files

There are scenario’s where you would like to play with the overall functionality of Andy OS. You might wish to install an earlier version of some Android application or you might wish to preview beta version games out there. To do so, one can download .apk extension files that are readable for Android OS and use them with PC.

  1. Navigate to third party stores such as APKPURE and APKBEAST to locate the application and the version you wish to install. In this demo, I have chosen Candy Crush Soda for PC APK.Candy Crush Soda APK Search Apkbeast
  2. Download the required file and open the locate of the downloaded file.
  3. Right click the file and Open With Andy OS Script.Andy OS APK Installation
  4. A small window will pop up displaying “Installing APK to Andy”.Installing APK to Andy
  5. Another window will pop up with the Title APK Info suggesting that the file has been successfully installed on to PC using Andy OS.Andy Candy Crush Soda APK Install
  6. Open Andy OS, open the Games tab at the main menu to find Candy Crush Soda for PC.Android Apps for PC Candy Crush Soda Andy
  7. Open it and Enjoy.

That would be all from my side. In case you have got any queries or you have any issue following the guide, do let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page, Google Plus Profile & Twitter Account. Cheers !

IT Specialist | Digital Graphic Designer | Tech Enthusiast | Business Student –

IT Specialist | Digital Graphic Designer | Tech Enthusiast | Business Student -

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